Cut Funding to the Entertainment Industry

If the entertainment industry is receiving funding from the government, the government should seriously cut funding to it! Yes, I know as a musician I am apart of the entertainment industry, but followers of the entertainment industry pay more attention and vote in things like American Idol, or America’s Got Talent, rather than getting out […]

Matt Bevin is Anti-choice

When “Governor” Matt Bevin says he’s ‘pro-life’, he’s really telling you he’s anti-choice. Just like when he says Kentucky Democrats are ‘pro-abortion’, he’s really showing you his ignorance. Nobody wants to have to get an abortion, but despite that fact, some women need one if both the mother and the baby will die before the […]

Open Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates

Dear Commission on Presidential Debates, I wanted to inform you that over 60% of the American voters believe the time is now for a third major party to surface, as a direct result of your non-profit’s unfair exclusion of third-party candidates. I am one of the 60% of Americans who want to see all, rightfuly, […]

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