An Actual Music Lesson!

The most simple music lesson in counting beats, like on the drums!

Well, whadya know? I’m actually giving a lesson in music for once! My lesson is very simple, yet it can work wonders, and can even be powerful inspite of it’s simplicity! Beez-Dee-Bee-Dee, is all you need to know. Let me explain.

Using a combination starting with at least “Beez-dee” or ending it as “Dee-Bee-Dee”, or any combination containing those two starting points(Beez-Dee) and ending with the three ending points(Dee-Bee-Dee), you can learn beats, like say, on the drums while you’re also practicing playing at the same time!


“Detroit Rock City” (on drums) by Kiss

(Beez-dee, beez-dee, beez-dee, beez-dee-bee-dee! {This is a short version})

That’s the drum solo of “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss, before the harmonic instrumental that comes right after. See how easy that is? Now you know! Wooo!!!

Using Earth’s Magnetic Field as a Battery

Learn how an equalizer could actually help create a stable device that runs on Earth’s Geomagnetic Field!

I have always grappled with how to use our Earth’s Geomagnetic Field a.k.a. the Magnetic Field as a source of clean, alternative energy, since our Magnetic Field is static. Well, I may have the solution to that problem!

I’m pretty used to the idea of using equalizers in music, as I used to write mine. But, what if we could build an equalizer into a device that would run off of Earth’s Magnetic Field? The magnetic field equalizer(M.F.E. for short) would correct the flow of the power cells and battery in the devices when the Magnetic Field tips over too far south if it was running on north, or if it tried to tip over too far north if it was running on south. Maybe the equalizer would keep the device from malfunctioning by keeping the device’s individual poles in-between the north to south/south to north fluctuations!

There wouldn’t be a single reason not to use such a technology as long as it had magnetic sensors, a superconductor, a super compacitor, and a constant flow of electricity generated by the Earth’s Magnetic Field!

Think about that, and if you agree, please Like, Share and Reblog this post, and also comment with your own ideas or suggestions.

ApseudoGame(Card Game)

Play this fast-paced, fun-filled and simple game based on battle and survival.

Play my card game based on survival/battle, called ApseudoGame! It’s fun, simplistic, and fast paced! I dedicated the game/files to the Public Domain under a CC0 Universal “No Rights Reserved” license, so that the game can receive widespread play across the world.

Download it now below:

Update: Site-wide Makeover!

The latest site-wide overhaul of Julius the Jules, on WordPress!

Hey, fellow Juleokin! I have made navigation of the, Julius the Jules, website here on WordPress more easy and user-friendly.

Have a look around and tell me what you think since we cleared the clutter. 🙂

Update: Record store fixed to include all albums!

We made corrections for our record store. Sorry for the inconveniences.

I’m so sorry for the inconveniences of the record store not having all albums, EP’s, and singles available for purchase. I fixed it so that now all albums, EP’s and singles are available for purchase directly from my distributor, RouteNote!

Buy our songs at:

Ferrofluid Batteries

The true secret to perpetual energy has been discovered by autistic pro-musician, Julius the Jules!

Imagine having a liquid magnet that can be used as a battery to power appliances and other electric or electronic devices. Sounds far-fetched, but it’s all too real a possibility!

Ferrofluid is simply a liquid substance that becomes magnetic when you put it next to a magnet, which magnetizes the liquid.

Molding the ferrofluid into the shape of batteries with two negatively charged poles stuck together, and two positively charged poles stuck together, the energy that pushes positive away from positive, negative away from negative will produce an indefinite magnetic charge in which the energy fights to escape, as you have one pole on the outside pushing in, while simultaneously having the other pole on the inside pushing out, effectively creating perpetual energy!

Freakin’ neat, eh?! That would be so awesome, and I would’ve never figured this out without my research via Google!

This post is actually serious. Just had to put that out there because of my last post being a prank.

Earcean vs Ocearth

What if the Earth’s surface was the ocean, and vice-versa?

Could you imagine if the Earth’s surface switched places with the Earth’s oceans? Like, if the surface was always where the ocean is and the ocean was always where the surface is?

Earth would have one giant land mass…oh wait…that was Pangaea. Nevermind. Ha ha! Had ya going for a second there, didn’t I? Copy this post, then paste it into a status update, and repost if you have a sense of humor. lol