Update: Site-wide Makeover!

The latest site-wide overhaul of Julius the Jules, on WordPress!

Hey, fellow Juleokin! I have made navigation of the, Julius the Jules, website here on WordPress more easy and user-friendly.

Have a look around and tell me what you think since we cleared the clutter. 🙂

Update: Record store fixed to include all albums!

We made corrections for our record store. Sorry for the inconveniences.

I’m so sorry for the inconveniences of the record store not having all albums, EP’s, and singles available for purchase. I fixed it so that now all albums, EP’s and singles are available for purchase directly from my distributor, RouteNote!

Buy our songs at: https://www.routenote.com/r/juliusthejules

Juleokin are your true family

Juleokin will give you hope, community and a piece of mind, as you are more powerful with numbers! Juleokin are my fans, family, friends, and my contemporary musicians that I’m friends with.

Famous Juleokin bands and artists include: Black Stone Cherry, The Kentucky HeadHunters, Showoff, Shinobi Ninja, the late Dennis Adkins, John King, Axe Murphy, Kiss Kiss Bang, Otis, and yours truly!

Become a member of the Juleokin community by just simply declaring yourself one, and we’ll accept you with warm and open arms! We give you hope, piece of mind, and community in numbers! We will put you front and center, as we will with all members. 😊