A Real Gravitational Singularity Revealed!

Remember the news that broke that scientists took the first real photo of a black hole?

First real photo of a black hole. (Fig. A)

Fig. A shows the first photo of a real black hole. But take a look at my heavy edits in Fig. B.

The implosion of Fig. A, to the point it cannot implode any further.

Looks like a singularity, right? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Theory of Relative Distance

Learn about how your distance from your point of view, Point A, is a small subatomic microcosm, and how Point B is a huge macrocosm.

The following is an essay of my own creation, with my own theory of how distance is relative to the structure of the universe.

The 1 dimension of time and the 3 dimensions of space seem to be all that make up the universe, as if everything has its own unique place. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Observe the distance of Planet Earth from the view of the Voyager Probes from the outer solar system, and you will see a little pale, blue dot, almost as if it is a star we observe from our own sky. Notice how the farther away the probes went, the smaller the solar system appeared? You didn’t have to look through a telescope if you were around to watch the presentation given by Dr. Carl Sagan to see how far away they were from the Earth.

The relative, observable distance between our solar system and interstellar space reminds me of looking through a microscope, but more like a molecular microscope.

That brings me to the point of this essay. We are subatomic universes inside of a subatomic multiverse! The farther out you travel in space, spacetime expands outward. You will pass through several subatomic universes, until you reach the end of time and space altogether!

The distance between here and Sagittarius *Star will make us here on Earth a literal subatomic universe compared to the huge, supermassive black hole at our galactic center; it’s not that we appear to be a subatomic universe, but to Sagittarius *Star we are a subatomic universe!

Wrap your head around that! With the way dark matter is gravity itself, and how dark energy expands gravity outward, the universe will eventually die with a whimper, no matter how many subatomic universes we travel through. Point A is a molecular, subatomic structure with small nearby cosmic bodies(planets, moons, astroids/comets, etc) & Point B is a macrocosmic structure with huge cosmic bodies(stars, black holes, galaxies, etc).

How to See the Inside of Jupiter!

Take a look inside of Planet Jupiter!

Read in full here

This Internet Archive data shows you how to see the interior of Planet Jupiter and other gas or ice giants, through the use of a legend chart! You can see the interior of Planet Jupiter if you know what to look for. So, what do ya have to lose? Look already!