Are You Born For Success In Investing?

People who smile often tend to have the most success at investing in new and innovative ideas. If you smile often, you tend to be able to put new ideas in the spotlight, and thus you make a great pitchmen!

A really awesome new idea would be to pitch the Juleokin Dollars, which happen to be very innovative currency because they are print-ready cards, which makes them printable currency.

However, most people can’t see the benefits and actual value if you can just ‘simply’ print the currency out. But if you are the type who smiles often, you should take up the challenge of pitching Juleokin Dollars into the spotlight, because making Juleokin Dollars a big trend will definitely make you a true legendary pitchmen!

Learn more about Juleokin Dollars: https://juliusthejulesmusic.wordpress.com/juleokin-dollars/


Rise Above the Bible(new on Amazon Kindle)

My new book on Amazon Kindle discusses the contradictions and ommissions of the ‘Holy’ Bible, since the Bible is incomplete and written entirely by men.

Purchase your copy of, Rise Above the Bible, for only $0.99 in the Kindle store! Even though you might be a Christian whose faith will never be broken, you can learn a lot from my eBook, maybe it will even strengthen your ‘faith’!

Purchase your copy here!

Dudeist & Proud!

I’ve switched back to the religion of my true calling, Dudeism! Dudeism is a modern form of Taoism, believes in going with the flow, taken’er easy and just abiding.

These are three of my favorite things from being an ordained Dudeist Priest and as a student at Abide University:

My ordination certificate as Reverend Joseph Smith from the Church of the Latter-Day Dude
My priest I.D. from the Church of the Latter-Day Dude
My honorary Ph.D in Metaphysics from Abide University

How To Create Effective Backlinks

You’ve probably heard the term ‘backlinks’ before, especially if you own a blog, forum or website. You wonder what backlinks are and why you need them, right?

Backlinks are the sites that link back to yours, and to be honest, they aren’t that hard to create! But, you better choose the sites you backlink to carefully and make sure they are relevent to your website’s topic or theme. Once you find the right websites, you’ll want to read on.

It’s better to get backlinks manually, so here is a good example of what I typed in the search bar, and then hit enter afterward:


Let me break that down for you:

The website I linked to is http://www.investing.com, and by doing so I created a backlink to my own page, where investing.com has a copy of my link in their traffic logs and will improve my search engine ranking.

First, I visited http://www.investing.com, then I added a ‘/’ to the end of it, making it http://www.investing.com/, then I added my page (juliusthejulesmusic.wordpress.com/juleokin-dollars/) at the end of the ‘/’, making it http://www.investing.com/juliusthejulesmusic.wordpress.com/juleokin-dollars/, and lastly I hit enter in the search bar. After hitting enter, you can leave the site after it’s done loading.

And that’s how it’s done! Manually, that is. Please refrain from using auto backlinks and backlink submitters.

A Real Gravitational Singularity Revealed!

Remember the news that broke that scientists took the first real photo of a black hole?

First real photo of a black hole. (Fig. A)

Fig. A shows the first photo of a real black hole. But take a look at my heavy edits in Fig. B.

The implosion of Fig. A, to the point it cannot implode any further.

Looks like a singularity, right? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Autograph Trading Card

Print out these trading cards and have your favorite celebrities or notable people sign their autographs onto them! The cards themselves aren’t worth much money. They are only valuable with the autographs written on them. No Rights Reserved.

Juleokin Dollars Need Help!

If you are available to help, I’d like everyone reading this post on Juleokin Dollars to either Reblog/Share this post, or for you to Like this post, or even all three!

Juleokin Dollars($JDS) were made to be complementary and to be an alternative to US Dollars(USD), along with being a voucher for USD. I want people to use it and test out the prospect of using printable currency, which I dedicated to the public domain under a No Rights Reserved License to sort of open source physical currency.

If you like the invention of printable currency, please print out and try using the Juleokin Dollars! They are already available in print-ready PDF format.

Link: https://juliusthejulesmusic.wordpress.com/juleokin-dollars/

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