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Hey, Julius the Jules fans! I have self-published a card game called the Customizable Rules Game, which you can purchase at The Game Crafter! This game is designed for making up your own rules, in this MMA themed card game. But if you can’t think of your own rules, I provide a base set of rules on the shop page and on my official website for the game.

Check out my game’s official website: https://sites.google.com/site/customizablerulesgame/

Buy my game at: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/customizable-rules-game


New Album Out Now!

Buy my new album on Amazon.com!
My newest album, out now on digital platforms! Buy now from Amazon.com!

The Best of Julius the Jules is out now in select online stores and streaming services! Buy it now on Amazon.com!


Juleokin M:tG Format

Juleokin (Magic: The Gathering Format)

By: Julius the Jules

Copyright © 2020 Julius the Jules


To play a card’s Mana cost, all you need is to have the right amount of Basic Lands. You won’t need to tap Lands for Mana(unless as an effect or tap symbol), as all Basic Lands that produce Mana cover the costs just for being on the field(as long as they are the right color).


Numerical damage from Attacks or card effects that are directed at Life are instead dealt to the Library, rather than Life. The Library is both your deck and amount of Life. To deal damage to the Life-Library, put the numerical amount of damage from the top of the Life-Library into your Graveyard. All decks must contain exactly 60 cards(no more and no less).

In place of gaining numerical Life, a Lifegain effect would put the top cards in your Graveyard on top of your Life-Library.


To win, you must still have cards in your Life-Library the instant your opponent runs out of cards to draw from their Life-Library(you win), otherwise you lose the instant you run out of cards to draw from your Life-Library before your opponent does(you lose). Also, all special winning conditions from card effects still stay in effect, as long as they adhere to the Juleokin Format rules.

Everything Else

Every other rule that isn’t changed by the Juleokin Format stays the same for all tournament formats. This Format is meant to be competitive and adhere to the official banlists for each(but independent to) official tournament formats.


The Publicentrist Manifesto(free eBook)

My political manifesto, The Publicentrist Manifesto cover art!

Download my new eBook for free! It’s called The Publicentrist Manifesto, which explains the basics of my political philosophy (or what we call a political ideology), Publicentrism.

Publicentrism advocates for strengthening both individual liberty and the current public institutions or public sector in-general. It also supports taking financial institutions out of the private sector and putting them into the public sector, making banks locally owned, including making the Federal Reserve publicly owned.

There is more to Publicentrism in The Publicentrist Manifesto, so download it for free at the various eBook outlets, such as: Amazon Kindle, iBookStore, Nook, Kobo, and elsewhere! Or download it straight from Lulu.com, my distributor!

New album coming soon!

My new album, The Best of Julius the Jules, has been approved for distribution, and we are now waiting for CD Baby’s partners to add my music to their catalogs! This is so exciting! Awesome! 🤩😁

This is a preview of the album cover:

Julius the Jules’ album cover for, The Best of Julius the Jules!

Be on the lookout for this exciting album with my favorite songs I’ve created!

Coming soon, to your favorite platforms!

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