Note: Fans of Julius the Jules are known as Juleokin!

Julius the Jules(Joseph D. Smith) was born in Glasgow, KY, on May 12th 1988. He currently resides in Glasgow, KY. Joseph has always been interested in music, growing up in a musical household where he listened to many different styles of music, particularly country music.

At an early age Joseph was particularly fond of The Kentucky Headhunters, often-times trying to be like Fred Young with his raccoon-hat and the shirtless act. One day he got to meet his heroes on their tour-bus, in front of a Houchen’s Market in Glasgow, KY, due to his dad being good friends with the fellows.

Joseph’s musical influences are like the above-mentioned, The Kentucky Headhunters, and he always listened to singer-songwriter Dennis Adkins, who he for many years mistook for Willie Nelson. He often-times listened to Elvis Presley, due to his dad being a huge Elvis fan.

He always listened to 80’s pop with his mom, who his mom, despite being born in the late part of the 1960’s, is an 80’s child.

His current tastes cannot be counted by mere numbers, for he loves anything and everything that sounds good, with the only exceptions being most folk and Gospel songs.

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