Extraversalism is my belief system postulating that all of reality is an intricate sea of fractals, which connects and runs through all of existence.

When we complete this life, we return to the infinite fractal dimension without specific forms and once again rejoin the universal soul. The universal soul is a sea of infinite fractal shapes, which morph and shapeshift according to the harmony of all beings residing in it.

It came to me in a dream one night where me, all of my friends and family, were one with the universal spirit, a sea of infinite, beautiful fractal shapes, which transcend all reality, and we were all flowing through each other’s beings with absolute bliss and religious ecstasy!


Published by Julius the Jules

Hello! I am Julius the Jules, and I am a longtime veteran of the music industry, as an unsigned musician. I have been featured in newspapers and appeared on TV! I was diagnosed with a mild form of autism, Asperger's Syndrome.

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