NEW! The Best of Julius the Jules, out now on Amazon.com!

The Best of Julius the Jules, as seen on Amazon.com!

Julius the Jules, is the autistic musician as seen on WBKO TV, the premiere news source serving the region of South Central Kentucky.

Julius the Jules, talking to anchor Laura Rogers on WBKO Television.
Me on WBKO TV Midday Live, with Laura Rogers

I grew up in a musical household, with my dad who worked as a live show music engineer as he worked the audio mixer for bands and artists. My dad loves songs by and from Elvis Presley, along with other oldies, and he also loves country music.

My mom loves 80’s pop and rock, and even some country music from now and back in the day. Pretty much anything that sounds good to her.

And my sister, Wendy, loves all the good sounding songs. She’s severely autistic, but she is a full-grown adult. You wouldn’t think it if you didn’t know her, but she is very bright, she is actually stronger and smarter than all of us combined!

We love our dogs, Fred and Bear, who are like little humans. You might think I’m crazy for saying this, but trust me when I say plenty of people have actually heard the two talk! Fred(the pug) is my lil’buddy and baby brother, while Bear(the pitbull) is my big buddy and lil’brother. We are closer than close!

Julius the Jules, with his little furbrothers.
Me with my little brothers, Fred(pug) and Bear(pitbull)

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